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“Blooming” by Natalie L.
Magnolia in Watercolour

Rollercoaster” By Tracy B.

Rollercoaster of a lifetime

Swash buttling, battering away

Amongst mood swings

Put up a fight to the

Outside world

To shield sensitivity

That I am tough, defiant

Look at me, I can ride

The ride of perimenopause,neurodiversity.

My life long lessons

Prepared me for this time

Unpredictable lament some days

Of perilous symptoms, irritability

A toast to overwhelm and emotions

Processing from yesteryear

A chance to meet past influences

A chance to take life by the horns

Build resilience, see the ride through

Of hormome deficiency

To learn and reach out to others

Joining me on this rollercoaster

To speak out, be heard

Knowing I am not alone

What does your work mean to you? “I can express and step into who I fully am.”

“A Few More” by Cath R.

What does this work mean to you? “It begins to describe what I don’t actually have words for…I want people to know that there are things that I experience that I cant adequately put into words…I want doctors to better understand how it feels to be me and on all these differently spaced medications.”

Menopause; I’ve Changed” By Sarah D.

Late to the party;

No time to find me,

And embrace my strange,

Before comes The Change.

Derange. Rearrange.

Cognitive fog fail.

Flushed red senses wail.

Burning, not warmer,

Multiple trauma.

Masker. Performer.

Never gone away,

Black dog stays to play,

With anxiety.

New intensity.

M.E. Brutally.

Decades long tired.

Exhausted. Wired.

Self never mattered

Hormonally battered.

Tattered. Now shattered.

Contemplating death;

Suicide; last breath.

Sleep,calm, peace, could bring,

End of pretending.

Faking. Now breaking.

Samaritans call.

Held gently from fall.

Different, not flawed,

Emotion explored.

Outpoured. Reassured.

New recovery. 

Self discovery.

Me, who I am, real.

Understand my feel.

Surreal. My new deal.

ADHD found.

Holding to the ground.

Prescribed HRT

New stability.

Safety. Security.

Autistically me.

Authentic ND.

Live life, not survive.

Beginning to thrive.

Alive. So alive.

Now at the party;

Making time for me,

No more self-estranged.

Menopause. I’m Changed.

De-raged. Rearranged.

Brief description of work: “My experience of reaching menopause as a late-diagnosed autistic woman feeling as though I had no idea who I was. Then being forced into this thing that changed the person who I didn’t know at all. It is a work about self-discovery with menopause being the catalyst for this.”

Christine Jenkins, Canada
Forty-one: a reflection on peri-menopause

Silver hair on chin
Marriage woes begin.
Glance in windowpane
Puberty again.

Starting to take stock
Hormones run amok.
Life stops making sense
Stuck in present tense.

Like I’ve lost my drive
I barely survive.
Autism not in mind
Label-less, I’m blind.
I.D. eight years off
When the penny drops.

Strong words are spoken
Different, not broken
Fifties are my time
Second spring sunshine.


  Autism, menopause and aging

What does this work mean to you? “I write all the time but usually just for myself. This project has allowed me to examine my theories on late autism diagnosis and the overlap with menopause, or what I’ve termed ‘puberty in reverse.'”